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We are The Griffin Family.

We are pretty awesome humans. 

We cannot wait to meet you!

Our Story

I’m Elisa Joy, my husband is Brian, and our little tot is Maizy. 

We are San Diego natives, born and raised in THE finest city. It is a major plus to be able to easily access all of our loves: the mountains, the desert and the beach.


We moved up to Julian, CA, eight years ago from Poway, CA and it was the best decision. Julian is such a beautiful place, filled with wonderful people. We cannot imagine living anywhere else. Julian is the definition of small town charm. When we moved up here we had an instant connection with the community and wanted to be a part of it. We are very fortunate to work and live in Julian. I currently am a behavior therapist and work with kiddos who have special needs. Brian works as a technician for a local water district. Even though we have our regular jobs, this business we are creating adds the zest to our lives we have been craving. 


Over the years, we talked about creating a business we can really get behind. It wasn’t until Miss Maizy was born when we realized, the life we create isn’t just for us, it’s for her. We want to be able to show her anything is possible and even if you fail, at least you gave it your all. So during quarantine, we reassessed our life’s journey and we decided to fuel our desire of owning a business. There were a lot of late nights doodling, pinning, and jotting down different ideas that fall into categories we love. So after an evening of scrolling through OfferUp, I found this camper trailer that needed some TLC and “Freddy” was conceived. We picked Freddy up down by the beach and towed his cute canned ham butt to the mountains. 

The Toasty Tap is a labor of love. We have put our heart and soul into building this trailer. It is essentially US in a camper.

The Toasty Tap is fun, funky, memorable, and we cannot wait to be a part of amazing event! 

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